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right now at 5:00, a tale of survival at sea. a local police chief describes what he went through off the coast of mexico for 16 hours alone at sea. and the royal couple meet hollywood royalty on day two in california. two san francisco mayors do a 180. it's all to help a city in a down economy. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. imagine floating alone at sea for 16 hours in shark infested
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waters trying to survive. it was almost a week ago that that holiday fishing boat capsized sending 43 people into the sea of cortese. tonight one of the survivors, charles gibson of the east bay spoke about his ordeal with nbc. monty francis is in san francisco with the latest on that. >> reporter: one of the survivors is the chief of police at contra costa college, his name is college gibson, today in martinez he shared his story. gibson worked for 30 years in the oakland police department and did two tours in vietnam. nothing prepared him for what happened last sunday. he was fast asleep on the fishing boat when the ship began to sink at about 2:30 in the morning. he was wearing headphones and a snoring machine to trite his sleep apnea, and he would have died had a friend not woken him up. he ran above deck without any clothes and was immediately thrown from the boat with a huge wave. once in the water with a life vest, he clung as the boat went
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under. >> i'm here and as i saw the ship pointed this direction just like the titanic, it went slowly, i could read the name erik as it went down in the water. i felt this feeling of aban donment, like the ship had left me. and again disbelief that we were in the water, in the middle of the sea of cortese alone in the middle of the night with no help. >> reporter: gibson said he swam for hours and a friend of his had a flotation device, he gave gibson his life vest which most certainly saved his life. he was separated from the others and was alone in the sea for about nine hours and eventually swam to a remote island where he was finally rescued by the mexican navy. all 16 crew members survived and
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some of the others criticized the captain for not helping the passengers. gibson did not join in that criticism. he has hope that the other seven who are still missing are somewhere on a remote island like he was just waiting to be rescued. live in san francisco, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, monty. southern california's playing host to perhaps the most famous couple in the world who don't get their fame from hollywood. prince william and catherine are drawing plenty of crowds. tracie potts joins us from santa barbara county with the latest. >> reporter: this is a perfect day to get all dressed up for a polo match, that's what hundreds of people did here today. we've seen the royal couple in the last day of their trip here to the united states, smiling and shaking hands, lots of photo ops, but today for the first time we got to see them in action.
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>> in california, where seeing celebrities is no big deal, even vip's are impressed. >> they've managed to carry themselves royally. >> prince william and the duchess of cambridge made a grand entrance, smiling but answering no questions. as usual, all eyes were on kate's attire. >> i think princess diana would be proud of who they are, and how they represent themselves is and their titles. on the red carpet we got an inside tip on the lunch menu. >> he loves dessert, he loves chocolate. i made merlot tarragon truffles. >> we also want to give the most disadvantaged young in society hope and confidence in their lives. we feel very passionately about this. >> reporter: and about polo. prince william's known as a disciplined player, pretty good
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on defense, though not as good as his father. his competitors promise no special treatment. >> once we're on the field it's competitive, it has to be. >> on this breezy day on the california coast, the prince's team won and the duchess presented a trophy. >> again, a picture perfect day for this polo match in santa barbara county. from polo to the paparazzi, they're headed back to los angeles for a star-studded event in downtown l.a. tonight, sponsored by the british film industry. so far so good on this very popular u.s. tour. diana, back to you. >> you're looking smashing. >> very nice hat. in british fashion. thanks, tracy. the dalai lama is in washington, d.c., this week, today he spoke on the lawn of the u.s. capital talking about world peace. >> in his speech he urged people
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to find peace first by changing themselves. earlier this week the exiled spiritual leader from tibet prompted china to warrant u.s. to stay out of china's internal affairs. the dalai lama supports greater rights from tibetans and china. the atlantis crew spent its first full day in orbit today. the crew used a camera on the shut el's robotic arm to examine the heat shield. the report came all is well. the atlantis is scheduled to dock at the international space station tomorrow. the astronauts will begin unloading four tons of supplies to the space station. atlantis will become a museum piece as nasa hands over the task of flying astronauts to the space station to russia and frift u.s. companies. nasa is planning to focus its efforts on deep space missions, eventually mars. new u.s. defense secretary says the u.s. and its allies are
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within reach of defeating al qaeda. panetta met with hamad karzai to discuss the terrorist group. this is his first visit to afghanistan. the u.s. has identified key al qaeda leaders in pakistan, yemen, somalia. one of those leaders is the designated successor to osama bin ladin urge a senior member of iran's revolutionary guards threatened u.s. carriers would be targeted if iran comes under threat from the u.s. or the west. the latest comments from the general following ten days of war games, the exercises included the unveiling of missile shelters, that iran says are capable of multiple launches. iran has stated its missiles can reach israel and u.s. military bases in that region. in an effort to get guns off
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the streets of east palo alto. people who turned in their guns received an american express card. the program provides community members a safe venue and incentive to remove unwanted guns from their homes. >> most people are just excited or happy that there's an avenue, they have been wanting to get rid of the weapons in the past, now that they can actually get funding for it, with no questions asked -- >> city councilman reports 45 weapons were turned in, including 7 assault weapons and two handguns. schools in california can now take tougher action against cyber bullies. under a new law jerry brown signed this weekend. the law alous schools to suspend students from bullying classmates on social networking
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sites such as facebook and myspace. coming up on nbc bay area news at 6:00, our reporter elise kirschner will have an interview with campos and why she says the law doesn't go far enough. always want more, always want more. >> why these moms are working so hard on the weekend. we'll explain. former sfraenan francisco m gavin newsom teams up with an odd partner on the weekend. a strong sea breeze going at usually what is is the warmest time of year, not the case. as we wrap up the weekend. we'll talk more about a big july cooldown coming our way soon. ♪
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the south bay blue star moms held their second annual car wash to help troops serving in the military. the moms enlisted cadets to help wash all the cars. >> all for the troops. this is all to support our troops. this is all for them. to thank any military troops out there, our military, current military and veterans are very important. >> the south bay blue star moms send letters and postcards to troops stationed overseas. some san francisco leaders are celebrating a new financial gift to the city's parks. as joe rizotto, jr. shows us, the city has a strange
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relationship with the company making that donation. >> reporter: in a small san francisco playground turned temporary skateboard park, dozens of pint sized skaters angled for big air. soon, they were the backdrop as coca-cola presented the city parks department a giant check for $250,000. to see city leaders shaking hands with a soda manufacturer, students star contrast -- >> during his time as san francisco's mayor, current california lieutenant governor gavin newsom signed legislation banning society de vending machines from city property. he pointed to the links of soft drinks and childhood obesity. today he was happy to help the city accept the donation. i couldn't deny folks saying, all right, what can we do to help support the city. i couldn't say no, why would you
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say no? you're encouraging people to do the right thing, when they do, you don't turn your back. >> reporter: the city plans to use the money for new parks and equipment. >> we have new skateboard equipment and new mobil recreation equipment. we can't do it alone any more. >> reporter: last month, ed ledee claired a soda free summer in san francisco. encouraging people to seek healthy alternatives. the donation has no strings attached. with the city facing huge economic hurdles, $250,000 is a lot of money. even if it makes for somewhat strange bed fellows. still to come at 5:00, san francisco is embracing soccer fever, if you missed the chance to watchoday, you have another chance coming up. s nottoone? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure.
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the ninth annual avon walk for breast cancer drew thousands of people today. they raised funds for local, regional and national breast cancer organizations. tonight they plan to camp out and continue their journey tomorrow with a closing ceremony back at ft. mason in san francisco. more than 145,000 women have participated in the breast cancer walk since its launch in 2003. a new diagnosis of breast cancer occurs every three minutes in the united states. a summer heat wave is the big story this weekend in europe. public fountains in budapest hungary were the place to go to beat the heat. some residents cooled off along the banks of the danube river. and in serbia, officials set up water tanks to keep people hydrated. we're checking in with mr. rob may ada on the weather here.
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>> that was rather cooling looking. 60 degrees right now in san francisco. no heat waves around the bay area. we have a strong case of ocean air right now. the wind out of the west at 60 miles per hour, we'll have your game time forecast coming up in a moment. hazy excise, 63 degrees in oakland, northwest wind at 15 miles per hour, even san jose running cooler than 24 hours ago right now. we will see patches of low clouds spilling into the santa clara valley as we head into tonight. still some 80s inland out toward concord and gilroy. even these locations, especially livermore, that's a huge drop. a clear sign that the sea breeze is racing through the pass. same story up through fairfield, we have winds at 62. temperatures, it will be the open silt of a heat wave, we're going to see a cooling wave over
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the next couple afternoons. this is good news for air quality, everything is in the green today, will continue to be the case as we go through the weekend. game time forecast for the giants, we're looking cool, maybe some misty skies as well for the game. you can see all the the low cloud as long the coast. we did get some late day sunshine around santa cruz. 50s along the sea shore around pacifica and half moon bay. 60s and 70s for most of the area tomorrow. maybe low 80s inland. that's going to be it as our temperatures cool off. a little more as we head into the beginning of next week. now back to tropical storm calvin, away from baja california. the system will continue to weaken, not expected to have any impact on our weather here. low clouds, misty skies in spots. high temperatures tomorrow, pretty much what we had today, we'll find low 80s, pretty far inland you're going to have to
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head over to morgan hill and santa theresa area, should still reach the low 80s. if you want to pk a beach spot tomorrow, i think santa cruz is going to be your choice tomorrow. close to 70 in oakland. 60 further south as you get into places like newark and heyward, we should see highs in the low to mid-80s. as we go through the afternoon here, mid-70s inland for the middle of the week. this is typically the hottest time of the year, not the case there. >> no, but it was a lovely week of warm weather. >> yes, it was. fuelled by the popularity of last summer's world cup viewing events, the san francisco recreation parks department is hosting free family viewings of the women's competition at civic center plaza today. fans gathered to watch the women's world cup quarterfinal action on a giant screen. pretty cool. the goal of the outdoor event to
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encourage womens and girl's sports. and plenty of activities for the young fans as well. >> we believe in family fun, family events. this event has proven to be a great community gathering spot, food, soccer, family, arts and crafts. >> in case you missed, there will be two more viewing events at civic center plaza starting at 9:00 in the morning. the finals next sunday at 11:45 a.m. right now we're getting a check in with henry wofford of comcast sportsnet. quite the upset today at the world cup? >> absolutely. we'll be talking about some soccer, diane, when we come back, he's a yankees legend a shoo-in to the baseball hall of fame. some would even say a popeye con. an historic day for eric jeter.
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the world series champs are sitting in first place, a game ahead of the diamondbacks, but there's always room for improvement. during the all-star break, giants runoff plan to interview a former manager. former washington national's manager jim riggleman may not be out of a job for long. next week, he's scheduled to interview for a position with the giants. let's hang with baseball for a
5:25 pm
minute, rays against the yankees, derek jeter, two hits shy of 3,000 hits. derek jeter with the leadoff sing toll left. one shot, bottom of the third, get busy. that's the way jeter does it in style. a solo homer to left, game tide at one, his 3,000th hit, he's greeted at the plate by his teammates and takes a curtain call. jeter hitting at his next plate appearance. that made him 3 for 3. how about 4 for 4? he's not done, go ahead and make it 5 for 5. this guy is incredible. jeter did it all. a very happy and grateful man after the game. >> it's just one of those special days. coming in, i've been lying to you guys for a long time saying i wasn't nervous and there's no pressure, there's a lot of pressure to do it here, i
5:26 pm
thought eventually i would get a few hits, but there's -- i felt a lot of pressure to do it here while we're at heom and -- so i have been lying to you for quite some time. >> reporter: to soccer, women's world cup, germany hosting the event facing japan. after 90 minutes we were scoreless, extra time, 108th minute. that's karina. she slips it past japan. take the shock, 1-0 is the lead. they go on to win, they're advancing to the semifinals. shocking germany. other quarter ninas, england taking on france, 58th minute. england on the attack. jill scott, what a beautiful shot in outside. go ahead and count that baby. 1-0 england. we jump to the 87th minute. the ball falls to elise.
5:27 pm
we have a tied match right here after extra time we go to penalty kicks with france up 4-3. england needs to make the kick to keep pace. no hits across the crossbar, france moves on to the semifinals. a lot going on, don't forget, a little bit coming up. more on sports in ane hour. we go to break, when we come back, diane will have the rest of the news. h
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in san francisco today, some folks gathered to celebrate a first for the asian community. the chinatown ymca celebrated its 100th anniversary today. back in 1911, it was the first american ymca to serve the asian population. in just the past year, the y in chinatown opened up a teen center and a swimming pool as well. they all celebrated today. so we're going to have weather tomorrow? >> pretty good, cool, we have

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